Maintenance Tips

General maintenance

  • Use an anti-static dust control mop for sweeping the floor. This picks up dust particles & grit, not just moving them from one spot to the next. When washing your floor use a damp, almost dry, mop with a mixture of a ½ cap of white vinegar or methylated spirits to a half a bucket of cold water. Never “wet” mop your floor.
  • It’s important to wipe up spills immediately on coated flooring, as some products, such as red wine, may stain if left for prolonged periods.
Long-term maintenance
  • Strong light, particularly direct sunlight can cause chemical reactions in the coating and the wood, causing discoloration. To protect the floor close curtains or blinds when the floor is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Always re-coat the floor before the finish is worn through, or begins to show signs of excessive wear. This will save you both the time and money to have the floor re-sanded. Once a coating is worn through it cannot be re-coated and complete sanding back to bare timber is required.

Anti-scratch techniques

  • Shoes carry dirt and grit which is abrasive to the floor’s finish. Sydney Flooring suggests using dirt-trapping doormats at each external entrance and where possible place a mat on the inside as well.
  • Place protective padding on the bottom of table and chair legs to avoid unnecessary scratches to your timber floor (hard plastic can still scratch).
  • Fine dust and dirt creates slippage problems but can also act as an abrasive which may cause the floor to scratch and prematurely wear. Regular sweeping with an anti-static dust control mop will remove damaging particles and protect the floor.
  • High-heel shoes, especially worn ones, can dent any hard floor surface, even concrete, but can be particularly damaging to softer woods. Special care should be taken with shoes that have exposed heels with sharp points.
  • Pets with long claws can also scratch and dull the floor finish so keep pet claws groomed.
Pest control
  • Termites are common pests that may affect your timber flooring & home, so any suspicious looking holes or damage seek advice from a specialist pest controller immediately.
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